AfterCare for a Belly piercing

Belly Piercings

Belly piercings are one of the most challenging piercings to deal with when healing. These piercings in particular can take up to the full six months to one year to completely heal. In the meantime, you want to avoid heavy jewelry or jewelry with long dangles.

Swelling around the navel after the piercing is normal and the area will remain tender for a few days as well. However, if you start noticing a lot of green or bloody drainage, seek medical assistance. If your body jewelry feels tight from inflammation, come back at our store and ask one of our piercers if they  can check the piercing for you and suggest a change out to a longer piece of jewelry if needed. Clean the piercing twice a day with the glycerin soap and 2-3 times a day with the sea salt and water soaks.


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